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Strengthening Community Narratives on Air in Tribal Areas

This Intermedia project aims to educate, inform and engage the people of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) via discussions and interviews and opinions of the people of FATA...read more >>

Promoting Community Voices for Stability in the Waziristans through Radio

This Intermedia project aims to address the capacity and resource deficiencies of the limited radio media in the Waziristans regions in Pakistan's conflict-wracked Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) through ...read more >>

Promoting Peace through Radio in Pakistan's Conflict Regions

This Intermedia project aims to utilize the reach and influence of radio in Pakistan to provide a forum for moderate and constructive voices. It aims to expose listeners at risk of radicalization to collaborative, non-....read more >>


Promoting ICT Use by Media in Pakistan's Tribal Areas

This Intermedia project aims to build technical capacity of the network of press clubs in Pakistan's conflict-affected Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) bordering Afghanistan and train their member journalists in ...

Promoting Safety and Security of Pakistani Journalists

This Intermedia project aims to increase the safety of Pakistani journalists in conflict-affected areas in the country through training, adoption of safety procedures and bringing all relevant stakeholders ...

Improving Journalism Capacity of Radio in Conflict Regions

This Intermedia project aims to promote in-depth and balanced reporting by improving the flow of fair and balanced information to Pakistani areas affected by conflict and information distortion ...

Improving Reporting of Electoral Reforms in Pakistan

This Intermedia project aims to lobby the leadership and ownership of Pakistani media to make reporting of electoral reforms and upcoming local elections a priority and to train journalists at the district level in all four provinces to understand and report election reforms better...read more >>


Mapping Pakistani Media Coverage of Political and Electoral Issues

This Intermedia project aims to monitor the print media in Pakistan to map the coverage of political and electoral issues.

This initiative seeks to determine Pakistani print media's priorities in reporting on a host of sub-issues related to the larger political and electoral framework... read more >>

Research Publications

Political Communications
Mapping coverage of electoral issues in Pakistani media....


Press Review: Electoral Issues
Weekly Local Press Review of Electoral Reform and Local Elections....


The Right Write
An evaluation of media coverage of human rights in Pakistan ....

Media in Balochistan
The state of media in Pakistan's volatile southwest province ....

Intermedia Guide Books

Reporting Electoral Reform & Local Elections
English and Urdu resources for Pakistani media and democracy groups....

Reporting Conflict
A guidebook for journalists on reporting conflicts in Pakistan....


Reporting Politics
A handbook for journalists on reporting elections in Pakistan


Reporting Maternal & Child Healthcare
A Practical Guide for Health Reporters